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Illinois 406

It seems that this grade is ignored in a lot of reference material. I just got the 2013 "fat book" and it isn't even listed there by grade number. You always find references to the 405 which had 2 fewer jewels, but not the 406. I wonder why that is. I have one that I have posted about in the regular PW discussion thread and it's a really nice movement.
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The grade 405 was produced in larger numbers so the grade 406 is less common. There are many watch grades and variations that are not listed in the fat book.

The guide book American Pocket Watches, Illinois Watch Co, Volume Two by Meggers and Ehrhardt is a great source of information for Illinois watch collectors. The information below is from this book.


American Pocket Watches, Illinois Watch Co page 158

Thank you. Mine is the 19j version marked "Adjusted 3 Positions" and with no special model name. It also has a very nice dial on it that is almost holographic in the center design as it seems to gain 3 dimensions from different viewing angles. It also has, as you can see, gold filled engraving instead of black.


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Nice clean watch with the "gold package" on the dial and movement. The 19J Grade 406 is an relatively easy to find Illinois watch grade so stick with beautiful and interesting examples like this one.

As Lindell says: Condition, condition, condition!

John III
Here's a 406 that I just got from my father. I'm curious about the FS adjustment as mine has no "arching arm" around it. Can someone help me understand what this is for?


And the front


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Don, your regulator is missing a part, the spring/screw assembly designed to permit precise adjustment of the regulator. Your watch will work fine without it. I often see that part missing, but I wouldn't tolerate it in watches that I collect.
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