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Washington Watch Co Potomac ! "Click" to Login or Register 
I have been trying to put toghther a set of Washington Watch Co 18s watches , my latest is a potomac model o/f 17j , I thought these are pretty rare 500 or less made , I also have the liberty bell , senate , and army/navy 21j o/f and hunter , what is missing is the lafayette 24j and 19j army/navy

I actually have 2 of the potomacs, I am happy to get this one because it appears all original

IHC Member 2030
Nice collecting niche Kevin. I can see the attraction of this brand, the sales product lines are a fascinating thing to imagine back in the day of competition.
Oh and roger sold this one here a few years ago, one of my Favorites.
IHC Member 1911
I also enjoy the Washington watch’s. It took me a long time to round up a Potomac for my collection. It is the lowest production of all the 18 size ones
I’ll dig it out and see what my serial number is
Terry Jones
Thanks Terry , I had been after a potomac for a while
IHC Member 1911
My Potomac ser # is 2,098,327- I'm Pretty sure they are all found in that 1 production run.

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