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Searching for Info on Clock Part "Click" to Login or Register 
Hello everyone, I am looking to see if anyone here may be able to shed some light on a clock part. This may be an unusual request, but the clock was found in an archeological dig in Richmond, Texas. My archeological society is working on an historic Texas site. A couple of weeks ago, we discovered what I believe is a clock part. I imagine its not very old and hoped someone here may know something about it. This plate is approximately 2.5" by 2.75" and is made of copper - not brass? Anyone here know more about this part? Thank you, Paul S.

Posts: 2 | Location: Sugar Land, Texas in the USA  | Registered: February 06, 2022
Picture of Billy Kuhn
looks to be the back plate for a clock.
Posts: 1012 | Location: Killen, Alabama in the USA | Registered: January 15, 2013
Picture of Dave Turner
I've never seen a clock plate like that but could be a single wind time only movement.
The square holes seem odd.

Dave Turner
Posts: 1978 | Location: Wilson, North Carolina in the USA | Registered: November 15, 2011
Thank you. I appreciate the feedback!
Posts: 2 | Location: Sugar Land, Texas in the USA  | Registered: February 06, 2022
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