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Electric Clock Repair (Mastercrafters) "Click" to Login or Register 
I am repairing a Mastercrafters clock (part of a tennis trophy) for a friend. The ailing part seems to be the motor, a Mastercrafters Model#11 motor that has a bayonet mount and a worm gear on the shaft. My quick reseach indicates that repair parts are not generally available. My questions are: (1) Is anyone aware of a source of repair parts for these, or (2) does anyone have advice about repair of the original motor (is this realistic)? My alternative is to replace the works with a quartz unit, which will involve some modification of the dial mounting, etc. My friend just wants a working clock in his trophy and is not concerned about originality. Thanks in advance for your throughts on this topic.


Mastercrafters Model #11
Posts: 3 | Location: Sandy Spring, Maryland USA | Registered: February 14, 2007
Show me some other views of your motor, I may have one. If not the next best shot is ebay.

Posts: 14 | Location: Silver Spring, Maryland USA | Registered: March 22, 2005
I also have this motor-- The winding is open curcuit on the ohm meter.Is repair possible? or replacement available anywhere?--Many Thanks.
Posts: 1 | Location: Newfoundland in Canada | Registered: October 30, 2010
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