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Need help with a Swiss Elgin "Click" to Login or Register 
Most of the Swiss Elgins, excluding the Burens, are 17j marked unadjusted. I found one marked 21j with 5 adjustments, heat/cold/iso and 2 positions or heat/cold and 3 positions, not sure which. It was cased in a later base metal case with the typical train on the back but I had an NOS Elgin Cased and Timed case that was made for Swiss Elgins so I popped it in. It was missing the stem to begin with so that was something I would need anyway but I wondered if anyone had one of these Swiss Elgins with a gold filled trashed case but a good stem and crown?

Usually they are marked 956, 324, I don't think the 755 will work because it is a French movement nor the 657.
Posts: 1789 | Location: Michigan in the USA | Registered: September 19, 2009
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Claude could you possibly show a picture of the movement so I can see which plate layout it has?

Posts: 2233 | Location: Gladstone in Australia | Registered: January 14, 2011
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Bila; Here's my Elgin 324. It's in an Elgin 4006 case. And has an ETA/Unitas movement. My "go to" carry watch.

Tom Dunn...
Posts: 3031 | Location: Ramsey, Illinois in the USA | Registered: December 15, 2008
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Thanks Tom.
Posts: 2233 | Location: Gladstone in Australia | Registered: January 14, 2011
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