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Columbus Dial "Click" to Login or Register 
I just won this auction on eBay.

I realize that the dial has a chip at the center-hole (and the hands are partially hiding it).

We know the value of some dials because they are listed in catalogs or because our members are actively seeking them. But with others, I find myself "at sea" and usually make my decision based upon a visualization of how the dial would look in a completed watch.

I thought this dial was very nice and I do know that Columbus dials are quite scarce.

Does anyone have any idea what period of movement would be "proper" for it? Any comments?
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Nice dial Peter,

You also have the hands which can be hard to come by.

There may be other opinions but my feeling is the dial and hands you found are from the latter side of the 1890s time frame. Remember also that Columbus dials will interchange for both Hunter and Open Face movements.


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Pretty much agree with Lindell. The type-face is from the later time period. Very sweet dial!
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Yes Frank, very sweet indeed! IMHO one of the coolest Canadian-style 24-hour dials ever. Cool

Peter, congrats on scoring an excellent "steal." Big Grin

Best Regards,

Posts: 6696 | Location: Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA | Registered: April 19, 2004
I still have no idea what it's "worth," Ed!

I guess sometimes you gotta go with your heart! Smile
Posts: 986 | Location: Flagstaff, Arizona USA | Registered: June 19, 2005
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I have that same dial in my collection and yes it is one of my favorities. Smile
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