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WW1 Officers Watch "Mappin Campaign" Longines "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Grant Perry
I have another military era watch that I would like to share. It is a 1916 Longines "Mappin Campaign" wrist watch. It is housed in a 9K gold case. The dial is in rough shape, but the movement keeps perfect time. A Longines representative informed me that these we considered Officer's watches. The movement is caliber 13.34ZZ and it was sold through Messers Baume and Co. who was the Longines agents for the UK and the Commonwealth. It was purchased by Marshall Young Day who was a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces serving in Europe during the war. The watch is inscribed "To Old Day from Young Day, Feb 6, 1917, so I can only assume it was purchased as a gift for his father.

Grant Perry

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Posts: 334 | Location: Ottawa, Canada | Registered: January 28, 2003
Picture of Grant Perry

Grant Perry

Posts: 334 | Location: Ottawa, Canada | Registered: January 28, 2003
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Thanks for the images Grant.

Mappin was a retailer in London active during WWI. Two Mappin Campaign watches, like yours, are pictured on pg. 59 of MILITARY TIMEPIECES by Wesolowski. Though not issued by the military, Wesolowski concludes they were purchased by military officers.

Don't be concerned about the dial. After going through WWI a few hairlines and scars are acceptable.

BTW, is the case a Longines case or is it English?

Best regards,

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Picture of Grant Perry
Hi Greg:

I can always count on you for feedback. Thank you Smile
The case is Longines with serial number.
wrt the dial, I have had great success in the past minimizing hairlines by soaking in overnite Polident; however I don't want to take a chance with this one as the "Mappin" and "Campaige" are already worn. If this was added to the dial after production, I fear that the Polident would remove what is left. Better safe than sorry!

Grant Perry
Posts: 334 | Location: Ottawa, Canada | Registered: January 28, 2003
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