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I was previously unaware of "WARTIMERS" until our Claude Girardin sent me this link...


The kind words are much appreciated Claude. As the World's Only NAWCC Military Timepieces Forum it looks like we're onto something important here. It's great to know that our work is appreciated.

"WARTIMERS" is interesting. They have a Bulletin Board and some nice watches for sale. Check it out everyone.


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Lindell, thanks for the heads up. I've added it to my address book.

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Thanks Claude & Lindell.... a nice place to visit.

Best regards.

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You are welcome. Can somebody answer the following questions with regards to Waltham Watch Co & Military Time pieces.
1. Civil War: I assume that Waltham's first big sales went to both sides officers and military men. Was there any specific style, which could be attached to that period?
2. WWI: same question
3. WWII: same question
4. Waltham 8-Day Clock: when was the first batch. Who designed the system? Came Waltham first with an 8-Day Clock?
Appreciating very much in advance all your enlightment.
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