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The name Wakmann can be found on various fine timepieces, including wrist and pocket chronographs.

This example is a USAF Elapsed Time aircraft clock. It's a rather high grade item. The Wakmann commercial sales list from 1966-67 lists elapsed time clocks at $400.00 and up.

Looking through the pages of MILITARY TIMEPIECES by Whitney, there are a number of Wakmann models shown, including a "Radar Shelter Wall Clock" and a less expensive aircraft model with two dummy elapsed time hands. A rather interesting line of timepieces.

Best regards,

Posts: 2003 | Location: East Lansing, Michigan USA | Registered: November 24, 2002
I've always wondered about when Wakmann started producing military aircraft clocks. I've never been able to find a date when they first started providing them. So far, all of the Wakmann's I've seen seem to be 1960s vintage or newer. Does anyone know for sure when they started supplying them to the U.S. military?
Posts: 873 | Location: Baltimore, Maryland USA | Registered: September 20, 2004

This thread has reminded me that I have a Wakmann 8 day clock out of a C152 (Cessna).
The mainspring had let go and took out the escape wheel and pallet staff pivots.

Anyone any idea where I can get a mainspring for this thing? (I'll certainly have to make new staffs to repair the other damage)!

This thing was given to me as a junker to play with, (by a flying school I worked for as an instructor), and has been stripped down for years and remained untouched because of a lack of spares availability.

I've googled all over the web at various times and contacted every horological supplier I know of in the UK (including one which makes mainsprings) but no joy, they simply don't have Wakmann in their catalogues.

It could explain why very few Cessna club aircraft in the UK have working panel clocks anymore I suppose!

Are bits available for Wakmann in the USA??

Best Regards

Posts: 1282 | Location: Northern England, United Kingdom | Registered: January 07, 2006
I doubt that Wakmann made their own movements.Can you send a picture?I have a few old 8 day movements to look through.
J Smith
Posts: 188 | Location: Warrenton, North Carolina U.S.A. | Registered: January 12, 2003
Thanks Julian, appreciated.

Rather than hi-jack Greg's thread here, I'll start a new one in the clocks forum and post all the pic's and details there.


Best regards

Posts: 1282 | Location: Northern England, United Kingdom | Registered: January 07, 2006
Lemania made a lot of their movements just for the record. I know it's an old thread as are most of the ones dealing in aircraft clocks, but hey, I just joined.
Posts: 5 | Location: Dallas, Georgia in the USA | Registered: August 11, 2014
Hi Tim. Do you know when Wakmann started making aircraft clocks and when the militaries first starting buying them for use in their aircraft?
Posts: 873 | Location: Baltimore, Maryland USA | Registered: September 20, 2004
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