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Bund watch Straps "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Jim Rogers
a period of time ago I was looking to put a bund strap on my Bulova. But then sort of lost interest.
However, I was surfing around awhile ago on something else and stumbled over this. I don't know these people, never done business with But.
When you get there go to bottom of the index and I think it is under accessories or something.

Only if interested. These is a pic of a WW I piece mounted on one of the straps. When I wanted one I could only get one out of Gr. at 36.00 plus S&H, these people want 29.95
Posts: 151 | Location: Atkinson, New Hampshire U.S.A. | Registered: October 17, 2004
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Picture of Greg Crockett
At the last Great Lakes Regional, and the one before it, I was able to buy nice fake Bund straps for about $8.00 each from a wristwatch band seller who appears to set-up at each Regional (I don't have his name). They look good, I have used them on various watches.

Genuine Bund straps can be obtained at www.broadarrow.net If you look around on Broadarrow, you will find the webcite of a German who makes custom straps, including the WWI types. His products look quite excellent.

Best regards,
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Picture of Jim Rogers
Nice site will create a little place in my watch supply folder for these people
Posts: 151 | Location: Atkinson, New Hampshire U.S.A. | Registered: October 17, 2004
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