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Gold clock glasses "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Life Member
I have a number of kitchen clocks with clear glass replacing designs in gold. The most elaborate is a Seth Thomas Eclipse. Does someone know where i can get information on how these were created. I suspect that they were silk screened or printed somehow.
Thanks Tim
Posts: 11 | Location: Ontario in Canada | Registered: January 23, 2013
Picture of Dave Turner
Tim, I can't tell you how they were done originally, but you can buy aftermarket replacements from Timesavers

The glass complete, or a transfer to put on yours.
Here's an example of one that I did.

Dave Turner

Posts: 1975 | Location: Wilson, North Carolina in the USA | Registered: November 15, 2011
IHC Life Member
Thanks for the reply. I use the transfers from Timesavers for some of my American clocks but I have a collection of Canada Clock Company pieces and nothing I have found comes close to matching. You don't know how they make thee transfers, or perhaps a company that does. I suspect it would be quite expensive for a one off. The picture is a Pequegnat kitchen clock. The correct clock glass is an important component of the finished piece.

Posts: 11 | Location: Ontario in Canada | Registered: January 23, 2013
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