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Chime spring for Seth Thomas #102 movement "Click" to Login or Register 
Hello folks

New to the forum and am venturing into doing some repair on my own clocks. The first challenge is to replace the chime spring in my #102 movement. I have measured the spring and it is 0.690" wide, 0.018" thick, and 110" long. Had to do a little estimating there with the end that winds onto the clock winding spindle.

So I went to Timekeepers.com and they have a spring that is 0.687" wide, 0.018" thick (so far so good!) but it is 96" long. The only spring that comes any closer is one that is 0.750" wide, 0.016" thick and 110" long.

I would have to look at the movement to see if it can take a spring that is wider but assuming for the moment that it can, which spring should I get for it? The one that is perfect width and thickness is too short, the other is wider but thinner, but is the correct length. I didn't know if the wider but thinner spring would have approximately the same force as the narrower/thicker one. Please impart your knowledge on me in my first clock repair adventure.


Posts: 2 | Location: Grand Ledge, Michigan in the USA | Registered: October 13, 2021
Picture of Dave Turner
My first question would be, why do yo want to replace it? Generally original springs are better than new replacements.
It might just need a proper cleaning and lubrication.

Dave Turner
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Picture of Bill Carlson
Norm,, what make of clock is this? Have you got the springs out and cleaned and lubed them? Is the spring broken now? It would be nice to see a photo of the movement?

Bill Carlson
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