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Hamilton Hastings question "Click" to Login or Register 

It is a true Blackstone -- just with (seemingly) an old cushion dial. Frankly, it is still a beauty, and I bet not many people other than those of us most-taken with the illness (known as Illinois collectors) would EVER notice the dial! Smile I would suggest that you keep it as is and see how long it takes to locate the proper dial for it -- I bet not long if you watch the lots of Illinois dials which show up on Ebay from time to time. (Your local watch shop might only charge around $10 or less to swap the dials.) As far as the movement goes, your 21-jewel Motor Barrel Illinois IS the top of the line, so enjoy it! One of these days if you continue to collect Illinois, I bet you will locate a 17 jewel engraved Consul (or similar) that it just BEGGING for the better time keeping that this 21-jewel movement provides, and you can swap it out then. (Too bad, I traded one not too long ago.)

All of that said, how about beachfront property in Michigan??? Wink


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OK folks

As we are all always learning and lets face it there are some very good re-dials out there.

Could I ask what you experts look for when you are trying to work out whether a watch has been re-dialled - leaving out the obvious i.e. that the design is simply wrong.
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The older the watch the more non-originality you may have to accept. Some nice watches may well be a collection of the makers' parts, but those parts might not have started life all in the same watch !

We have to recognise that a thirties watch has had up to 70years of attention from a legion of watchmakers and bodgers.
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