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Your 5 Best Places to Sell High End Wristwatches? "Click" to Login or Register 
I've been collecting watches off and on for over 20 years, but only in the past year or two have I bought and sold on a fairly regular basis. I usually buy and sell watches within the $100 to $2,500 range, but recently began getting involved in a few more expensive watches. I've used eBay some for selling watches and it seems to work reasonably well for the $100 to $2,500 price range because of the PayPal protection that is offered to the buyer. BUT ... and this is my key question ... what are the best ways to sell higher end watches, say in the $3,500 to $8,000 range? I am thinking that an auction on eBay, or even a Buy It Now on eBay might not be the most time effective way to move product. Certainly there is a buyer for every watch at a reasonable price, but I am wondering what your recommendations are for where to most effectively sell higher end watches. Possibilities might include for example: (1) ebay; (2) another website; (3) a trade show or watch convention (which ones are best?); (4) classified local newspaper ad; (5) Craigs List; (6) some other way that I am not thinking about. Please give as detailed a response as possible. I am in South Florida and do not even know which shows or exhibits are coming up and where they are. As you can tell I dabble in this rather than make it my profession (it's a great hobby!) but I always offer terrific product.

Thanks for your advice on your top 5 picks of where to sell higher end watches!!

John F. Murray
Posts: 48 | Location: Palm Beach, Florida in the USA | Registered: April 28, 2008
IHC Life Member
Picture of Donald Trumble
John, here's one place that is growing in popularity:


Look at the list of highend wristwatches here:


And for that matter nice ones here too:


Could that be one of the five?

Posts: 504 | Location: Pennsylvania in the USA | Registered: April 02, 2005
great stuff ... right at home!!! Wink

John F. Murray
Posts: 48 | Location: Palm Beach, Florida in the USA | Registered: April 28, 2008
Picture of Sheila Gilbert
I would like to add, that there are many that have sold high end watches on ebay, only to have their money and their watches taken from them, and have never seen the issues resolved.

The instances I have heard of, is when a buyer pays with a credit card, then when it's on it's way, they retract the sale, and never get their watches back. Not a good thing to have happen huh?

If this was a once in a while thing, no problem, but it happens more and more. If you go to the ebay forums, you will see it's happening even more today then before.

Don't get me wrong, you can put things in place to save yourself, and I'm sure many have good luck with them, but I would be very careful if you decide on ebay for any of your higher end watches.

Posts: 3094 | Location: La Plata, Maryland U.S.A. | Registered: May 22, 2004
I endorse what Sheila has written totally, plus what many folks aren't too aware of yet are eBay's recent policy changes - one of which is that sellers are now Compelled to offer Paypal in all their listings.
If it's there, buyers will use it!

Sellers who have stated they prefer cash or cheques have had their listings summarily removed.
This is certainly the case in the UK anyway, not sure about the US.

I wouldn't list a high value anything on that site now because you can't filter out sales you don't want to chance your arm on.
Add to this the fact that All bidder ID's are now hidden to everyone except the seller is cutting bid values hugely!

Anyone for a tad of shill bidding!

As well as IHC right here John, you have a website where your watches are showcased, and a certain market exposure already, why not add a sales facility with some kind of merchant account for Credit Card payments (NOT Paypal).
You can keep payments to bank transfers / checks if you wish.

Best regards

Posts: 1282 | Location: Northern England, United Kingdom | Registered: January 07, 2006
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