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Any comments on these new watches? They look nice but I'd like to hear it from a expert. Just looking for a new watch as a gift for Dad and he dosent want the maintence of a older watch, Opinions please. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2601318912 Thanks,

Aaron Bereiter
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That is an outstanding watch based on a World War II era design. The movement is ETA, one of the best. They're put together, guess where... Lancaster, Pennsylvania! The new retro-design Hamiltons are very good watches, tough as nails and a lot of fun to wear.

"Cranster" is an IHC-185 Charter Member with a great reputation as an e-bay seller of real integrity. I can personally recommend both the watch and the seller very highly!

By the way, watch your mailbox, I sent you something this morning.

Best Wishes,

Lindell V. Riddle, Interim President
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Happy Holidays to everyone on this board!
Aaron the Hamilton Khaki 25J automatic your discussing is a great watch! Ive been a Hamilton dealer for about 10 months now and its the hottest seller we have, lots of repeat buyers!
I started wearing my Khaki auto this summer when my submariner kept getting caught on my lawn tractor steering wheel. Anyway I found that the watch keeps the same time as my Rolex and the power reserve was a lot better than I expected, about 18-20 hours without using a winder. Solid stainless case 45mmx38mm, sapphire crystals and a signed thick heavy leather strap(takes a couple weeks break in time)with signed SS buckle. The 25 Jewel ETA swiss movement went through hours of chain saw work and moving jewelry display cases into our store. I slapped the watch into doorways and it helped me carry roofing bundles up ladders all the while never missing a beat. Im looking at the watch now and it doesnt show a scratch or a dent. The water resistant part of the watch is for real, I live on a lake and fly fish every chance I get and the watch went in the water many times without clouding.
If this sounds like a sales pitch it could be taken that way but this model Hamilton puts out is a really exciting piece and it is not priced too high. Retails for $295(186 model) and i sell them on Ebay (1 every 8 hours average)for $225 buy it now. If any of you want one of these watches they are only $200+shipping for NAWCC members.
John McElhenny
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