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e ingram movement roy rogers and trigger hologram watch "Click" to Login or Register 
have tried and tried to find out information about this watch. with no success it's a hologram with the trigger horse galloping and roy rogers is shooting his gun. in very good condition and still works it is singed on back many happy trails roy rogers and trigger but i can not find out any info on the hologram watches can you help me please.

Posts: 2 | Location: Tennessee in the USA | Registered: April 16, 2008
Picture of Brian C.
According to the Character Wrist Watch Price Guide by David Mycko and the Ehrhardts, your watch is what they call a reflector analog watch made by the Ingraham Watch Co. circa 1960. It list the watch at $185.00-$215.00 which makes this watch very collectible.
Brian C.
Posts: 1857 | Location: Epsom, New Hampshire USA | Registered: December 14, 2002
Picture of Ted Steuernagel
Wow! Brian your quick on the draw i was looking it up and you already had it posted. Your the best! TED
Posts: 335 | Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A. | Registered: November 23, 2002
thank you thank you for the info it has helped alot
Posts: 2 | Location: Tennessee in the USA | Registered: April 16, 2008
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