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, by Larry Buchan (created on )Gallery | Comments 

Here are some scans of my railway wristwatches, some I used during my career with the Canadian Pacific Railway. The first two are Ball, one a 25 jewel automatic equipped with dual time zone hands, the other is a manual wind both watches are equipped with 24-hour dials.

The next four watches are Bulova, the first one a #214 Accutron, the second a #218 Accutron that I bought back in 1974 from the CPR watch inspector in Medicine Hat, Alberta, the third watch is a Bulova Accuquartz I bought on holidays in Lancaster Pennsylvania in 1982 I liked this watch because of the luminous hands but they were never approved by the CPR because of that, their concern was the luminous material could flake off and get into the watches mechanism. The last watch is a Bulova quartz that I bought towards the end of my career in 1998 the feature I liked on this watch was the way the case shielded the crown.

The next wristwatch is a Citizen Railroad approved quartz that was a retirement gift from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers it has a BLE crest on the dial. I bought the 23 jewel B. W. Raymond on eBay a while back, it came from the estate of a retired Vice President of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers from Kentucky.

The Gruen jump hours wristwatch was not railway approved, it was probably a presentation watch that Canadian National Railways gave out it has a CN snake logo on the dial, this wristwatch at 13 clock would change from the 12 hour dial to the 13 to 24 clock dial as you can see in the scans.

The last three wristwatches are manual wound Universal Geneve the first two are Grade 1205-0 they were approved by the Canadian National Railways and have a 0 on the dial at the 12 clock position rather then the 24 that you can see on this third watch that was a Canadian Pacific Railway approved Grade 1205.

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