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Seth Thomas Brighton "Click" to Login or Register
Picture of Ralph Rehner
I thank Tom Seymour for the fantastic job of rebuilding the engine on this restoration.
The Brighton project is now completed and hangs on the wall instead of being tossed in the fireplace.

Posts: 89 | Location: Brunswick, Ohio USA | Registered: January 17, 2003
IHC Member 234
Picture of Jim Cope
....hear!!hear!!!(many honourable members)...


Posts: 872 | Location: Kingsville, Ontario, Canada | Registered: April 16, 2003
IHC Member 155
Bulova Watchmaker

Picture of Rich Kuhn
SmileIt has been a long time comming. The amount of work on both the case and the movement was huge.
Great job Ralph and Tom.

Rich Kuhn
IHC Member 155

Posts: 896 | Location: New Jersey in the USA | Registered: December 16, 2002
Ralph and Tom,

It has been very interesting to watch this restoration in progress.

The results look terrific!

( Jim Cope: I sure like those applauding hands! Eek )
Posts: 993 | Registered: November 22, 2002
Great job Ralph and Tom.Two very skilled clock guys.That is a very good looking clock.There are many hours of work and thought put into that clock.
It would have been a shame to see it thrown out. Smile Smile Cool
Posts: 2133 | Registered: June 01, 2003
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