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Newbie with a 21 Jewel Bunn Special "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi everyone. I came across this website last night while looking for information on my first pocket watch. My dad handed down watches to my brother and I on fathers day. Mine is a Bunn Special 21 jewel in what looks to me to be in excellent condition. I came across this forum looking for info and boy did I find plenty. I searched about my watch for three hours last night and learned a lot but ended up with even more questions. From what I found it was made in 1929 and is a model 14. I did find a pic or two of other watches of the same kind as mine but they were marked 161 which mine is not. The face says Ilinois with Bunn Special under that, then over the seconds it says 21 Jewel/60 hour. It also has blue hands. Is it possible that this is original even though it is not marked 161? It is in a 181 case. I will try to post some pics tonight when I get home. Thanks for any help.
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Hello Paul,

We are always pleased Smile when a new collector finds the information they need right here.

Your watch sounds exactly right to me. There was only one "variant dial" meaning one with additional markings for the 21-Jewel movements. Follow this link • FIVE GENUINE ILLINOIS 161 AND 163 VARIANT DIALS INCLUDING "23J" DIALS IN DETAIL • and see the first one shown "The 161 marked "21-Jewel 60-Hour" dial" for more and to have an overview of all 5 variant dials.

Since the variant dials were available at a higher price we can liken them to "options" on an automobile. In other words, they are somewhat like having "fender skirts" on a 1950s collector car. They may have cost a little more but the "cool look" is worth it.

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Post your movement number and we can supply additional insight.


Thanks for the quick reply Lindell. The material you referenced is part of what had me questioning my watch. The face is like the 21 jewel in the picture but has the blue hands like the 23 jewels pictured. I guess I was getting caught up on mine not being marked 161 like is stated, but I saw somewhere that they didnt start marking 161/163 until after 1930.
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