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Bunn Special Model 181 question "Click" to Login or Register 
I have a Bunn Special Model 181 and researching it for auction. Can anyone give me a solid date of production and value. I have attached 1 photo with 2 more to follow. Thank you

[Movement number: 5172325]

image 2

image 3

[Case number: 759473]

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Donna, your watch, movement serial#5172325
- 16 size Illinois Bunn Special Type 3, 60 hour
- Production year 1929
- 21 jewel
- model 14, open face
- lever set
-3/4 plate
- total production, 119,200
- adjusted 6 positions

Trend value- dealer price $325, Extra fine condition $500, mint condition $700
The 181 refers to the case model only, not the watch movement. I'm not sure but I believe the 181 case model may add a bit more value as it is not so common as others.
Perhaps other more knowledgeable member will chime in and confirm.

Thank you so much. I hope the pictures will be of use to your forum as well.
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Donna your photos do Not show the back of the case. This is where the gold might be worn off. Please post a photo of the back of the case.

Value is based on condition.
heres the back.

a clearer pic of the front

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Hi Donna,

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