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Watch Master Watch-rate Recorder Manual "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Life Member
Picture of John D. Duvall
A big thanks goes out to Larry Fure for scanning this manual. Also, Larry introduced me to a neat program that allows multiple pictures to be assembled into a PDF file for viewing.

If you do not have the PDF viewer, please click here to download it for free: Adobe PDF Viewer.

Now presenting the Watch Master Watch-rate Recorder Manual

John D. Duvall
IHC Member 192
Posts: 1123 | Location: Arizona U.S.A. | Registered: January 21, 2003
Your very welcome,John. I thought it would be nice if this manual was put out for anyone who is interested in buying a watch recorder,but doesn't have the funds for a newer machine. These old machines work great and can still be repaired. I had mine repaired by a man who fixes guitar amps. Any older radio repairman should be able to fix them too. That is if he is will to help you out.

Posts: 225 | Location: Belmont, Wisconsin USA | Registered: April 09, 2004
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