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Ensuring images are not physically too big for posting "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi, my recent post in the 'clock' forum produced pictures that were way too large physically when posted. From my perspective I just loaded jpg's of around 200K. How can I review my future posts and adjust the size to ensure that this will not happen again?

I suspect someone edited them subsequently as they do not show as big now as they did originally, (thanks)

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Picture of Jerry Treiman
I take two factors into account when I size images for the boards. First, I limit the width to 650 pixels so that it does not require scrolling from left to right. My own monitor and settings will accomodate a wider image, but some people still have smaller monitors. Second, I adjust the resolution to try to keep the total image size around 100kb so that folks with dial-up connections are not too inconvenienced.
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Thanks for the tips Jerry.

Have found a function 'resize' so stick with me while I try, this is 680pix by 68Kb


Posts: 110 | Location: Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, UK | Registered: June 03, 2006
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As Jerry mentioned, it is also desirable to limit the file size. For instance, the picture you posted is about 194K. I converted it to jpg and used my simple editing program to compress it down to only 61K. Can you tell any differences?

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PC monitors show pictures on screen at from 72 to 96 ppi. (pixels per inch) - so it is best I find to send pics. within the above range - I usually use 72 ppi.

Picture rescaling is easy done in Photoshop Elements.

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