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Chimes At 3 Minutes After Hour and Half Hour? "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Mark Nathanson
My Banjo clock chimes at 3 minutes after the hour and 33 minutes after half hour. There is no washer on minute hand. How can it be fixed? Thanks.
Posts: 206 | Location: Northern New York USA | Registered: January 06, 2006
Picture of Greg Reeves
What movment is in the clock? I assume you are speaking of the stike rather than chime?

If the mechanism has a cam around the center arbor, on the front of the movement... you can move it to strike correctly with a screwdriver by pushing against the lifting part of the cam.

If the mechanism has "lifting wires" on the center arbor on the inside of the movement...you can bend them slightly.
Posts: 497 | Location: Genoa, New York U.S.A. | Registered: November 06, 2003
Hello - If your movement is a Hermle (or many of its other direvitive names) the problem can be handled easily. Unscrew the hand nut. Remove the minute hand. Using a square rod - insert into the hand center. turn the hand in either direction to correct. The hand should move somewhat easily - if not more force is required. I would suggest a proper tool for this use. They can be purchased at Merritts in Pa. Good luck. Bill

William N. McCormick
Posts: 6 | Location: Central Florida in the USA | Registered: May 10, 2011
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