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United Clock Movements & Motors "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi Everyone!

I have a United Clock made in Brookyln, NY with a very tired movement. As those of you who are familiar with these know, this movement was never really intended to be repaired. I took it apart and cleaned it, replaced a broken tooth and it runs on the bench, but not after the hands and dial are assembled. I have checked all the obvious reasons and found nothing. The motor seems very weak to me.

My wife is very taken with the clock and would like it all original if I can get it to run OK. It is a figural of a clown and an elephant on either side of a BIG bass drum in which resides the clock. Topping it all off is a lamp rising from the cymbals on the top of the drum.

Does anyone know where to get replacement movements or parts? I can get a nice quartz fitup from Timesavers, but of course it would not be original. Any suggestions, or anyone having an "extra" movement for sale would be appreciated.


Reach me here: bruceweeks@airliftcompany.com or bandc3241@ia4u.net
Posts: 179 | Location: Charlotte, Michigan U.S.A. | Registered: March 31, 2004
Did you have a look on the Merrits website, sometimes you will see clocks with these movements on Ebay, you might get a parts clock.
Good luck on your clock project.
Posts: 2133 | Registered: June 01, 2003
Merritts did not seem to have anything, neither did LaRose, R&M or Timesavers. I've been searching eBay but do not find much that is either complete or worth parting out (most are good candidates for a restore rather than pirating). Google brings up several examples of United clocks (some from England) but no parts.

Maybe I should start a reproduction service? Design a fit up that would replace these and have them made in Quartz?

Many have moving parts or at least lights in them somewhere. I have seen several that have a night light, like a Hansom cab and horse with a lit street light. I just repaired one that is a cottage and has Grandma rocking in front of a fireplace that flickers.

Maybe someone else has a few left over parts?
Posts: 179 | Location: Charlotte, Michigan U.S.A. | Registered: March 31, 2004

I finally went with a quite small quartz movement. I was able to adapt the original hands for an original look. The back cover was missing too so I am having our CNC operator at work turn up some simple aluminum dies to form a new brass back.

Thanx, everyone,

Posts: 179 | Location: Charlotte, Michigan U.S.A. | Registered: March 31, 2004
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