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going to try a carriage clock now "Click" to Login or Register 
I'm a self taught watchmaker...I use the term watchmaker loosely... A few years ago I worked on Elgin pocket watches. I had quite a bit of success but wanted to try my hand on clocks. I've been playing around with Westclox Baby Bens, but I feel like I'm just working on big watches. I want to try carriage clocks next. I love them and they look like a good project to tackle. Everything I've learned has been out of books or on this forum, so the question is: I have a dozen watch and clock books but not the specific one on carriage clocks. Lord knows I don't need another book, but do I need another book? I don't have a clock sitting in front of me at the moment, I've only looked at pictures, but they look as if I wouldn't have too much trouble transitioning to them. Anyone think I need that popular Carriage Clock Repair book because they are special in some way?
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Given your background, I'd say you don't need another book.

Dave Turner
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