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Huberthepr Trubero Germany repair "Click" to Login or Register 
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I came into this Clock Movement from the late 60's. It says Huberthepr Trubero Germany , Unadjusted no jewels.

It is a cuckoo clock with 2 heavy weights (One for keeping time , one for animation). It was a wooden pendulum with a carved wooden bird for a "bob".

I have set up a test bench to run the movement outside of the clock body. The problem is when I start the pendulum it stops after about 25 ticks on the escapement wheel.

Well, I started by ordering some clock oil and oiling the observable friction points. After doing so I found that if I take the pendulum off and just let it run without a pendulum it ticks away at a high pace but it keeps running.As soon as I put the pendulum back on , whether I run the bob high or low it still stops after about 20-30 ticks. The escapement wheel looks uniform and undamaged , the fork is just a piece of bent metal on a metal pivot.

I assume the next step is to disassemble the mechanism clean reassemble and re-oil. Any tips or tricks that I can try before going to that length ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Bob Williams
Posts: 52 | Location: Toledo, Ohio in the USA | Registered: March 05, 2008
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Hi Bob,

Modern cuckoos have rather thin plates. If it's been running for 40+ years, that's pretty good. Odds are that the pivots are worn and need to be polished, and it needs bushings.

Take it to the bench and torque the great wheels back and forth one at a time. Look at the pivots in their holes. The ones that are flopping back and forth in elongated holes are the ones that are robbing your power. Time for bushings there.

Posts: 41 | Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A. | Registered: November 22, 2002
Picture of Bob Williams
Thanks for the insight , any other thoughts or opinions ?

Bob Williams
Posts: 52 | Location: Toledo, Ohio in the USA | Registered: March 05, 2008
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