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One wonderful thing about travelling long distances to a regional watch-show is the element of surprise. Walking into a huge room, filled with watches... you just don't know what you might find!

Before the GLAR (Pasadena) Regional, I hoped to find a nice open-face, 24J, 18sz Bunn Special. I didn't see any open-face models that I wanted to own but DID find a very nice 24J, BS in a Hunter case (much rarer).

But the best surprise was something that I never expected. I found this Columbus, double-signed, 18sz., Jackson Park model in a hunter-movement. Shugart does not list the Jackson-Park model in anything but open-face yet... here it is! And, unless all the models had this dial, it looks like a variant dial as well (with log roman-numerals).

The watch, as you can see, is very pretty. The dial does have some light HL's that will probably soak-out to near invisible. The case looks nearly new and is very heavy and fancy (albeit... a re-case). It has the feel and heft of solid gold but it also has J.Boss markings (Boss didn't make anything but gold-filled). The movement is in very good shape and ought to clean-up a bit better when it is cleaned and re-inletted.

The unwritten "rule" of watch-shows is that if someone puts a watch down, without indicating that he wants to buy it or wants it "held".... that watch is fair-game. I was standing at a dealer, when someone asked to see this one (a second time). He said, he'd think about it and walked away. I told the dealer that I'd take it and the dealer set it aside. No way! I told him, that I'd pay for it RIGHT NOW and if/when the guy came back, to simply say it was gone (and don't point to me)! Like I said...."rules of engagement! Roll Eyes

Before servicing watches, I take just 3 "down and dirty" photos. I'll try to remember to re-post better photos when this beauty is cleaned and "presentable." Smile

This case is as heavy and massive as it looks. Buttery gold feel, as well. By the markings, I'd say 25 yr.

Marked movement, in fine shape.

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What a beauty. Wish it were mine.
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