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In Search Of Seth Thomas "Click" to Login or Register 
... with one of the nicest village scenes I've ever seen:

An excerpt from the 1905 Seth Thomas price list:

By 1913 the 25-jewel Maiden Lane would be up to $50. By comparison the 7-jewel Model 8 Centennial would command a price of $1.90.

Wow, thses are some very beautiful watch movements and cases.

What a wonderful thing to collect, these pocket watches. Who would have thought you could tell time with a piece of art, or a piece of history.

Remarkable watches Eric.

Thanks, Bud. Smile

According to Ed Ueberall's research on run totals and SN distribution Seth Thomas blocked out some 1300 numbers for Maiden Lanes ...

Start Finish Qty Jewels Comments

200761 200761 1 24 Only S/N 200761 reported
205501 205600 100 17 One well-documented example is 22-Jewel
208801 208860 60 21
208861 208870 10 No examples reported
208871 208880 10 24 Adj, Marked "24J"
208881 208900 20 21
209701 209800 100 24 A6P, Marked "24 Jewels"
211201 211250 50 24 A6P, Jewel Marking unknown, S/N 211231 Marked "H.M. Guernsey"
220201 220300 100 25 A6P
350101 350200 100 25 A6P
350401 350500 100 25 A5P, S/N 350405 reported as A6P
350801 350900 100 25 A5P, S/N 350869 reported as A6P
351001 351300 300 25 A5PT
351301 351700 400 No reported examples of any watches in this range.
351701 351730 30 25 A5P
... and this example falls at the beginning of that very first run of 100:

Seth did make Fleur de Lis hands, and they compliment this double-sunk Arabic "train-track" dial very well.

Serial number 205505, the fifth Maiden Lane out of that very first run, in an unusual "Tic Tac Toe" pattern:

Note the lack of a jewel count.

Housed in a honey of a Fahy's case:

With the perfect initials on the shield - nobody's.

IHC Member 1291
Picture of Buster Beck
A very nice write up, composition, and pictures.

SUPER !! We know where the money is, eh Phil Confused


IHC Member 1369
Outstanding!! These watches are amazing.

Do you happen to know if any Maiden Lanes were factory assembled with a Canadian 24 hr dials? I am kind of hoping the answer will be 'no' 'cause otherwise I will have to start saving up a lot of $$$' I'm guessing. Smile

Guess I should have viewed the whole thread before posting but I will still ask if the 24hr dials were factory issued/installed or were aftermarket?

Ralph - starting a new Maiden Lane fund!!
Thanks, Ralph Smile

Seth had plenty of 24-hour dials available to them:

And I have seen plenty of Maiden Lanes with 24-hour dials on them.

Below is a sighting of a Maiden Lane at auction with a Montgomery dial, something rare indeed:

IHC Member 1369
Thanks for this info, Eric, you just made my collecting 'hit list' much more expensive!!

Don't you just love this addiction. Smile
This outstanding Model 5 is fronted by a genuine porcelain-enamel double-sunk 24-hour Roman numeral dial.

One of the curious things about Seth Thomas watches is the number of dial feet. While the lesser grade models generally have three, the higher grade watches - including Maiden Lanes - have only two, at the 13 and 45 minute marks.

This is yet another two-tone variant of the Grade 182, which is a 17-jewel, adjusted, lever-set, overcoil-hairspring, micro-regulated Model 5.

Fully protected in an exceptional Keystone 25-year case:

Fantastic photos and info. Thanks!

Thanks, John Smile

Seth Thomas made very few numbered grades: the 248, the 260, the 282, and the 382. This 282 is one of the very few in my collection that I feel to be an entirely original combination, and is fronted by a genuine porcelain-enamel double-sunk Arabic dial:

The 17-jewel Adjusted-3-Position movement is pure two-tone eye candy.

All wrapped up in another fantastic 25-year Keystone case:

Now that is an amazing case. I have a 382 I just bought but the case is only "decent". Seth Thomas made some world class movements.

Here is another example of a Seth fancy dial, complimented by a matching set of gilt Louis XIV hands.

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