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I'm Looking for a bench "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi everyone. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good source to purchase a bench. I dont have a huge budget (500ish?). I would also be willing to build one. If anyone can help or has a source for some plans, I would be willing to buy them. Thanks in advance.
Posts: 38 | Location: Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA | Registered: November 27, 2010
Peter, Welcome to the best internet Horological website around. Try this link, one of our own Dave Abbe has used them I believe. They might have what you need. Benches
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Posts: 5286 | Location: Northern Ohio in the U.S.A. | Registered: December 04, 2002
I've bought a few things from these guys. A little assembly required.

Posts: 357 | Location: Southern California in the USA | Registered: April 05, 2008
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December, 2011.
I purchased a bench and tool rack from these people and paid instantly with Pay Pal. They sent me a receipt & shipping order with tracking number. 4 days later I get an Email stating that my monies have been returned. No explanation and they do not answer the phone or reply to my Emails. At least I got my money back, but I would rather have the bench. Any body know what's going on?
Patrick. 1616
Posts: 1732 | Location: Enumclaw, Washington in the USA | Registered: October 02, 2011
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