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Star 2740 Swiss Staking Set "Click" to Login or Register 
I just bought a staking set off ebay and have no jolly idea of that the stake are used for. there are 96 stakes and some other little thingys. if any one has the same set, that could email me with what they are used for I would be grateful..In Advance thanks...
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There was nothing showing what the punches are. or what they are used for. there is no numbers on the stakes at all but the brand name. ihave searched the net, i will put up a photo if that helps. and thanks to those whom have helped out .
Posts: 375 | Location: Brisbane in Australia | Registered: January 24, 2010

Posts: 375 | Location: Brisbane in Australia | Registered: January 24, 2010
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I've got a manual for K&D staking sets. It's a large file so I'll have to send it via e-mail. You should be able to match up the stakes by looking for similar styles.
Hope it helps,
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Hi Francis,

Staking Sets are fascinating and Richard is helping you with basic information Smile great!

The item sitting in the center of the box is a staking tool with punches and stumps to use with it.

I've taken your image and put some markings on it. Take a look below this post and begin at the red arrow. That is the "lift tool" which is to pick up the stakes, or "punches" which is the proper term. You place it on the top end of a punch and lift it out of the box. The punch at the yellow arrow is the "centering tool" and usually considered punch number one because it is used in aligning the turntable die-plate. There will be a knob near the top on your staking tool and one down low, those together allow alignment adjustments. That sharp pointed tool is inserted and the alignment adjustments are performed before doing any work. To the left of the yellow circle are the row of "round-face solid punches" that are used to partially close minute hand centers and other such procedures. Here is more information "Fitting & Installation of Pocket Watch Hands" that you and others may find helpful.

What you see circled in red are the "taper-mouth closing punches" which are most often used to partially close the diameter of hour hands. Those punches are used for fitting hands, one of the more basic uses of a staking set. This use and most functions of the Staking Set are performed with a 2 or 3 ounce brass hammer, sold as a "jeweler's hammer" in venues such as eBay and Amazon for in the range of ten to twenty dollars. Do not use a heavier hammer and steel hammers can do irreparable damage.

Even though they are hard to see I would expect to find some identification on the punches, consisting of very finely stamped name and numbers. You will need good lighting and a strong loupe to see them. Assuming the markings are there they usually consist of manufacturers name such as "K&D" which is the most popular brand or on yours "Star" followed by a number. Some or all may be marked with "Swiss Made" and a number, that is what you may find on your punches. As you go through them there may be some marked as being from other companies as well because the punches are usually of a uniform diameter. Some may be shorter from being ground-down for a specific function as many users come up with their own ideas.

Your set looks to be in relatively good condition, without many alterations and from what I can see that looks to be a fairly complete set of punches which is important. I assume the "Star 2740" you mentioned is on the box-lid. The smaller items in the foreground are "stumps" which are placed on the turntable die plate for some of the functions, the tricky part in adding more stumps is being sure the stumps you buy fit a hole in the die-plate.

The biggest issue with these sets is rust because they are made from bare tool-steel and our hands perspire leading to surface rust, improper storage leads to a fast decline from there. I really enjoy using and learning more about Staking Sets as they are a basic tool in our hobby.



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Gentleman thank you for the information. I was complelty lost and had NO idea at all.People told me that the Staking Set would be the best tool a man/woman could have when it come to doing pocketwatches and WW, as well... Lindell there is very little rust on any of the items, i pull it completely down and sprayed it with WD -40 and cleaned out the seat. made sure it fitted together well and there was movement and used the alignment tools to make sure it wasnt bent... NO there was nothing on the box stating it was a Star 2740, just what the seller said it was. How ever on the stumps and punches it say "star Swise" there is nothing about the model 2740 at all......the item u fist mentioned used to pick up the stumps one of the prongs is broken, that is the only set back to the set and not knowing wat they are used for,but now i can know more than i did before.. I see that the K&D set is a lot different in the stumps, the inverter set is much better design.
Posts: 375 | Location: Brisbane in Australia | Registered: January 24, 2010
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