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Hairspring Tools. "Click" to Login or Register 
Can anyone tell me how these are used? I found a set in a watchmakers bench I bought and don't know how they are used.

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Hi Larry,

Such tools came in various forms and shapes. Not every set had the same shapes and forms. The most common were various sizes and shapes of picks to help set the beat while the balance is in the watch. To use them, a pick of the right size is sellected to fit into the hairspring collet slot. With the pick holding the hairspring collet stationary the balance staff may be turned in the collet while the hairspring remains stationary, so as to place the watch in beat relative to the fork. Some tools with slots were intended to twist kinks out of hairsprings, though most guys liked to use tweezers for this type of work. Often watchmakers made their own hairspring tools, while others bought sets for a few dollars from the supply house.

Best regards,
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Thanks Greg. I did find tools like this in a watchmakers supply catalog. I'll have to dig through some more boxes and see what else I might have.

Posts: 225 | Location: Belmont, Wisconsin USA | Registered: April 09, 2004
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