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BESTFIT set on eBay "Click" to Login or Register 
Is this a reasonable price to pay for these books? . . . . .


Thanks Wink

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Seems a bit high to me. A search on eBay shows a set that starts at 20 bucks but the shipping is a little high.
I also think I remember LaRose having these for sale not too long ago. You might try them.
Brian C.
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Thanks for the reply Brian.

I am in no hurry so I will check LaRose as you suggested. I didn't know how often, how available the catalogs were or even if they are still in print. Smile

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BEST FIT catalogs are now in print. They cost about $75 and are the most current edition. With the Bestfit catologs, the newer the better. Here are a couple of sources:

Twin City Supply 800-328-6009, they will send you 100 free watch crowns with the books.

Livesay's 800-476-2715

These are from the 1979 edition, so they are as up to date as possible.

If you are going to be working on the Swiss stuff, these books are a necessity.
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