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Unfamiliar tool: look interesting, but how does it work? "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Jessica Lane
This tool looks fairly simple to use, but what is it? If someone could explain how it works, I'd love to know.

thanks in advance,

Jessica Smile

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Picture of Greg Crockett
Hi Jessica,

The tool is used to insert old style plastic crystals. The press squeezes the crystal from the center to make the edge small enough to fit the bezel, then the screw is relaxed so that the crystal edge will expand back into the bezel. The various black plastic parts in the box are used for different size crystals.

The most common type of crystal found today has a rim which provides enough room for the fingers of a crystal lift to squeeze. The type of plastic crystal the tool in the picture is for does not have a wide enough rim for a crystal lift to grab.

Best regards,

Posts: 1885 | Location: East Lansing, Michigan USA | Registered: November 24, 2002
Picture of Brian C.
How about a case closing press?
Brian C.
Posts: 1857 | Location: Epsom, New Hampshire USA | Registered: December 14, 2002
Picture of Jessica Lane
Interesting. I often see tools, or tool parts, on ebay, and wonder how they work, if they're complete, etc.

People selling them often don't know themselves.

Thanks, again.
Posts: 834 | Location: New York, New York U.S.A. | Registered: September 06, 2003
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