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Fahys Watch Case "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Wayne C. Anderson
Found a 16size Hunter watch case, Fahys SN7249262 "WARRENTED TO WEAR PERMANENTLY" that has a Waltham "Travler" 7 jewel movement. I wonder what they meant by Warrented to wear Permanently? Thanks

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I have an Elgin case marked "Double Stock" which i believe it about equivilant to the "Permanent" marked cases. I was told it ment just that. Guaranteed to wear permanently. Meaning, if you wear it to brass they will replace it.

I bet you would be hard pressed to get one replaced now though. Big Grin

Wouldnt that be nice?

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Aaron's right on the money Wayne! All the Fahys cases were well made but the "Permanent" and later "Double-Stock" were heavy with gold and considered the best Gold-Filled cases made.

The practice of case warranties eventually came under governmental scrutiny and from 1923 on the cases will have names on them (like "Double-Stock") but no reference to specific wear periods were permitted. After that legislation took effect specific time guarantees on wear for watch cases were a thing of the past. Instead they once and for all had to state the gold content on any gold jewelry item and that included watch cases.

Bottom line, you have a very high quality case there.


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I have one of those Fahy's marked "permanent" It has lived up to its name. It did wear through to the brass... And the wear is now a permanent feature to the case Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Sorry, couldn't resist

Mike Miller
Posts: 539 | Location: Central Illinois in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 22, 2002
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