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Hi Everyone,just bought a neat little lathe from a local Amish man(Ray Hostetler),he is making these along with a mini mill and a few other tools for the hobby oriented.His original intentions for making this was for model makers to make parts for their small projects.I thought I would give it a try for polishing pivots etc..I have used it a few times and seems to work well for what I need it for,I do have a larger 7x12 Central Machinery lathe but like this one for the small 2" chuck(I think it would grip a human hair) and open work space.To give you an idea of the size the board it is mounted on is 24"x 8" and weighs about 24 pounds. It has a 1/5 horse motor that is variable speed from 0 to roughly 2200 rpm and came just as pictured for under $350.Check out the pics and if there is some interest I will gladly put you in touch with Ray,he will only be available by phone but if you have any questions or specific measurements I will try to answer them for you.Ive added one picture and links for a couple more,thanks. Kent



Posts: 22 | Location: Camdenton, Missouri U.S.A. | Registered: February 19, 2005
Picture of Pete Cronos
I would be interested in info on his small mill. What other items is he making?
Thanks for the info
Pete Cronos
Posts: 121 | Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas USA | Registered: April 23, 2003
Hi Pete,I have had several e-mails asking about the mills,sorry I don't have the pics at this time.If you are interested in a specific tool I am sure he could make one for you.I will keep updating as I get the information.I did post this in the horological items for sale section as well.I have offered to help Ray out as an internet contact and will do my best to answer all questions and will have his phone # to post tomorrow night.Thanks for the interest,Kent
Posts: 22 | Location: Camdenton, Missouri U.S.A. | Registered: February 19, 2005
The only other small lathe i have seen built so heavy and rugged is one i saw on ebay.I think they were made in the 1940,s but were a actual working tool room lathe scaled down quite small.
They usually, when you see them on ebay go for big money. Eek
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