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South Bend 431 - A tale of greed! "Click" to Login or Register 
On one of my many hunts though ebay I spotted a South Bend 431 with what looked to be a beautifully original movement sadly the case had been removed.

I found it strange that such a nice looking movement would be without a case and as I read further down the post I noticed the words, "THE WATCH WAS RUNNING WHEN IT WAS TAKEN OUT OF ITS CASE"

This of course sent me into shock...The seller had purposely separated the movement from the case! I immidatly set to writing the seller and asking if there would be anyway to purchase the case if I won the movement...

The seller responded that he had indeed removed the case and sent it to a scrapper for $500 bucks...and it was too late to get it back!

WOW! I about lost it when I read that... Mad

Regardless, I decided that I had to have it. So now I'm the proud owner of a caseless 431! Big Grin

I'll post some pics once I get the movement.
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Adonya - I came across another auction with a similar comment (maybe the same seller?). Frown

Like you, I was very upset to read that as more and more of these beautiful watches are parted out. A piece of history is lost forever when this happens. Unfortunately, I don't see the practice ending any time soon.

I am glad that you went ahead and purchased the movement. At least that will be safe! I look forward to seeing the pictures as I am not very familiar with South Bend watches.
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It's getting worse. People are more in need of the money and the value of gold is so high that it tempts many. I was selling some silver coins (10 lbs, nothing with numismatic value) at a coin a shoppe here in Denver; An older lady came in with a PW, it looked like a Illinois 12s. The watch was in a 14k or 18k gold case. I was leaving as a shop employee explained they would just take the case and she could have movement back. I don't know what the story was behind the watch but I could see a tear rolling down her cheek. Tough times indeed.
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Adonya, Hopefully you'll be able to find a lower grade movement in a good case, since these 12S South Bends aren't standard size.A 431 is too nice to leave uncased.It makes me sick to see these fast buck artists break up nice watches like that.There's one guy on Ebay that sells the movement, case, dial and hands separately.It just ain't right!Good luck, Ted.
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Good news Lindell decided to save this one! So it will soon be happily cased in something befitting it's quality and craftsmanship.

Perhaps Lindell will post us some photos when he has the time! Wink
Posts: 82 | Location: Portland, Oregon in the USA | Registered: May 25, 2010
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