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Grade 229 "The Studebaker"

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October 13, 2014, 16:58
Andrew Luu
Grade 229 "The Studebaker"
I posted this in the dial thread but thought I should ask questions in a separate thread.

This belonged to a coworkers family member.

Can anyone tell me how rare this is or the approx insurance value?

October 13, 2014, 17:01
Andrew Luu
one more

October 13, 2014, 17:06
Rafal Woler
total production was 6000, for price the best way is to check ebay or price guide. btw. nice watch, dial has a little different font on numbers that what we have seen (at least on 2 of my watches with that dial).
October 20, 2014, 19:29
Lindell V. Riddle

In the 2014 Edition of "Complete Guide to WATCHES" on page 373 your friend's Grade 229 "The Studebaker" is listed with an "average" value of $850 an "extra-fine" value of $1,500 and top condition, essentially "as-new" in every respect at $1,800 if having that information might be of help.

Rafel is correct in that there is more than one version of that particular dial. Look closely at the later version, shown below this posting and you will see it has a somewhat heavier font.