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Hi , I picked up a New York Standard Stopwatch , it runs great but I missed the part about the sweep not working , there appears to be some parts missing . I know in the IHC history some members had an interest in these , is there any New York stopwatch experts in the house ?

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Hi Kevin,

Looks like you have a Model 1 there, and with a quick look you are missing at least the "starting lever" part#2104, also the retaining screw, "starting lever bushing" part#2054, "starting lever spring" part#2193 and also by the looks of it the "intermediate pinion" part#2133.
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Thank you Bila , do you know anyone with the parts ?
Posts: 1574 | Location: Maryland in the USA | Registered: June 04, 2015
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Kevin, You might try Gary Cochran. He helped me out on mine.
See this thread: https://ihc185.infopop.cc/eve/f...343970487#4343970487
Dave Turner

Dave Turner
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