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Hamilton "Craig" refurbishing. "Click" to Login or Register 
Greetings and salutations!
I have a Hamilton Craig that I am looking to have cleaned up, tuned up and made pretty again. I took it somewhere locally and now have questions for all of the gurus out here. To have it tuned up and a new crystal put on, he quoted me approx. $70.00. Which is fine. The major questions:
To have the...tarnished? faded? dirty looking face cleaned to look like the outside edges, white-ish, he said that it would have to be repainted. Is that the best thing to have done? Should I try to track down a new face instead? Would that be more or less than the $100.00 to have it repainted?
He also said that the crystal may have to be replaced with a plastic one if they can't find a glass one. Are those difficult to find? Does it change the overall value of the watch if it has a plastic instead of a glass crystal?
The watch has more of sentimental concern than a monetary concern to me, but it would be nice to keep it as close to original as possible, right?
Anyway, any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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I created a shortcut in the Wristwatch discussion area. Maybe someone there can answer your question.
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Thank you very much for forwarding this to the discussion area. I know this isn't necessarily the most important or interesting posting on here, but it is something that I want to have done. It's very nice to know that there are people willing to help out those of us who aren't quite as knowledgable as others.
Thanks again!
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Edward if this is one i was going to keep and it has sentimental value i would say have the dial refinshied International dial would charge around 30.00 for a refinish,,there is other co,s that do this also.
a plastic crystal would work fine of, course glass would be better but may not be easy to find.a plastic crystal wont change the value of the watch. Smile
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