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What about this ? a Nardin ? "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi all.

I'm am trying to get this PW, I fell in love with the movement, in any case. It seems to me a Nardin, I would prefer to have it 17j and micrometric regulator, but I'll stay with this, if I can get.
May I have your comments and opinions ?
Thanks !
Kindest regards to all

Posts: 277 | Location: Cardano al Campo in Italy | Registered: March 29, 2008
Hi Mario

Nice movement, uncommon and hard to find minute wheel bridge.

Swiss made (for english market(UK or US) for sure
to crude to be Nardin.
Geneva (very likely); I remember the poised straight lever type with a ring surrounding the escape wheel pinon named "fourchette forme ligne droite Geneve"

Closest approach I could find so far is a watch in the coming Jones & Horan auction: check lot 785.(yours is some years later; later escapement type; flat dial feet screws; simplyfied click wheel arrangement).

Posts: 742 | Location: Wertheim in Germany | Registered: February 21, 2009
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