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1910 18 size Omega Pocket Watch "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1999
I recently came across an 18 size open face 17 jewel adjusted 2 positions, marked on the movement serial # 3660724 dated circa 1910.
The dial is in very good condition with Roman Numerals, single sunk.
The case is Silveroid and also in very good condition, with a train engine, good detail, on the back of the case.
I do not know and have not found much information for Omega pocket watches. Are they at all collectible. My apologies, no pictures.
Posts: 535 | Location: Innisfil in Ontario, Canada | Registered: November 04, 2014
IHC Member 1736

I've learned to plug my parameters in to an auction site search window and select completed auctions to see if any have sold recently. This usually gives me a good feel for the availability of the item as well as what they are bringing on the open market.

It has saved me from spending too much on many a shiny object.

Posts: 2032 | Location: San Diego, California in the USA | Registered: August 30, 2012
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Picture of David Abbe
Omega was one of the first Swiss manufacturers to follow the American (Waltham) lead to make more interchangeable parts-based watches using machine manufacturing. For that reason alone they earned a great reputation in the Canadian market for their service-free quality and time accuracy. Unfortunately they were not allowed in the USA for RR use due to their Swiss mfg., but many were imported to North America marked "2 position" that were quite capable of 5 position RR standards. The lower "position" standard greatly reduce the import duty and hence selling price.

I suspect that you have a Cal 19 which is 16-18s, and it may look like one (of many) below that have passed through my collection as well. They are a good collector and in clean condition worth about the same ($100.00-$200.00) as an equivalent Waltham or Elgin.

Posts: 6492 | Location: Southern California in the USA | Registered: July 19, 2007
IHC Member 1999
Paul and David, thanks for the information and search parameters. That will help considerably and much appreciated. Shiny items do make one wonder.
Posts: 535 | Location: Innisfil in Ontario, Canada | Registered: November 04, 2014
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