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Ball Watches / Gelson Hamilton Serial Number Question "Click" to Login or Register 
A question about the Gelson Hamilton Serial Number List. With the exception of 2 runs marked "999E" and "999F", any 999s listed up to serial number run 560001-561000 are listed as "999". At serial number run B600001-601000 the listing is "999 Ball" I'm not a Hamilton expert...is there a difference? Are all 999s Balls? Should the word "Ball" be put in a different field? When it comes time to generate production figures, the computer would see "999" and "999 Ball" as two different grades. And, while we are at it, what is a 999E and a 999F? HELP!!!

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Hi Jim,

The "999" is always a Ball Watch (we call them Ball-Hamiltons) made to Ball specifications by Hamilton. The listings for both "999" and "999 Ball" generally refer to these watches.

About the "999E" and "999F" listings, they refer to a specific variant made for Ball but designated as "Railroad Watch Company" on the dial and movement. The 999E is a 17-Jewel with circular damaskeening and 999F denotes the 16-Jewel version which has straight-line damaskeening.

As you see this gets a bit confusing.


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I just bought a ball 999E I see your records show that serial number 20708 has a replacement barrel Bridge. Mine is serial number 20708 and I took the barrel Bridge off and everything matches.
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Jake, read the thread just before this Ball Hamilton 20708 in this forum, I had exchanged emails with the seller when he had the 20708 up on eBay and we confirmed that there was an error in Bill Kapp's research.

This thread: Dial Cleaning may be of interest.
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