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Watch Story With Happy Ending "Click" to Login or Register 
Another great watch find story with a terrific ending!

When I see or buy a watch with a private label, I try to discover as much as possible about the store where the watch came from. The challenge of finding out the watch's history has been greatly helped by the internet search systems!

I bought the following watch from a good friend of mine. It is an 18 size Hamilton, Grade 926, 17 Jewels, serial number 238025, ca. 1903.

Using the information found on the watch dial and movement I did a GOOGLE SEARCH and was pleasantly surprised that the GOODHUE JEWELRY store in Fort Fairfield Maine is still in business as a gift shop. I called the listed phone number and spoke with Pat Welch, who is the current owner of the establishment. Pat was very helpful by telling me a little about the store's history. She also told me that she would put me in contact with the great-grandson of the original owner, as he would surely have more information about the store. Shortly thereafter, I did receive a phone call from this very surprised great-grandson who eagerly shared all of the history about this store. He mailed me the following picture of the store and the newspaper clipping with all of the store's history as of September 25, 1974. Just take a look at all of those glass display cases, and imagine what merchandise they might hold!! In 1993 or 1994 the original store was destroyed by a fire, but relocated to a smaller building across the street, where it stands today as a gift shop, under the name of GOODHUE JEWELRY.

Now for the best part of this story!
It seemed only proper that this watch should belong to the Goodhue family legacy. I offered it to the great-grandson for exactly what I had invested into the watch. The offer was accepted. Seems that the great-grandson now has two grandsons of his own. A while back, he located one of these private label watches with the GOODHUE SPECIAL name for one of these grandsons, and he now has a matching watch for the other!!

Please take a moment and read the newspaper clipping for the store's history.

The following pictures are of the store interior and of the watch.

Posts: 994 | Registered: November 22, 2002

Posts: 994 | Registered: November 22, 2002

Posts: 994 | Registered: November 22, 2002

Posts: 994 | Registered: November 22, 2002

Posts: 994 | Registered: November 22, 2002

Posts: 994 | Registered: November 22, 2002

Posts: 994 | Registered: November 22, 2002
Picture of Stephen L. Russell
The research when discovering a new watch that is worth owning is what I love about this hobby.

Nice work Phil!

I know first hand about your generosity...your karma points are stacking up! Smile
Posts: 849 | Location: Victoria, British Columbia Canada | Registered: December 05, 2003
That is a great story of the watch and the business.You are very generous and set a fine example for others to follow.
His grandsons are lucky boys.
Way to go Phil Smile
Posts: 2133 | Registered: June 01, 2003
Picture of Tom Seymour
Great story Phil, and has been said, a very generous offer. I agree with Stephen, that the research and what is brings can be the most fun and rewarding part of this hobby.

Posts: 2537 | Location: Mount Angel, Oregon in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 19, 2002
Picture of Sam Williamson
Great story Phil,but a as far as I'm concerned the best part was your kind offer to the great grandson Smile You are one of the many reasons that I feel honored to belong to this gentlemen's(and gentlelady's!) fine organisation.

Sam Williamson

Posts: 618 | Location: Northwestern Florida in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 27, 2002
Picture of Stephanie O'Neil
Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful story! It's incredible how two words, in this case Goodhue Jewelry, opened a treasure trove of valuable info, thus, and thanks to you, the watch finding its way to it's original owner's ancesters. Bravo Phil!

Stephanie O'Neil

Posts: 1419 | Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA | Registered: April 01, 2003
IHC Life Member
Picture of John D. Duvall
You're a good man Phil! Great story, thanks for sharing.
Posts: 1123 | Location: Arizona U.S.A. | Registered: January 21, 2003
IHC Member 155
Bulova Watchmaker

Picture of Rich Kuhn
I think it is wonderful that history will be pasted down in that family. What a story just think about it being pasted down to the family 100 years from now. This watch came to us by way of Salt Lake UT.
A very nice thing to do.

Rich Kuhn
IHC Member 155

Posts: 896 | Location: New Jersey in the USA | Registered: December 16, 2002
Great Story and good deed.

Posts: 719 | Registered: December 15, 2002
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