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Hamilton 924 Pocket Watch "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi all, this is my first pocket watch and im VERY happy with it. I know there are better movements but im so happy.

I am no expert but this is what I found out

Movement is Hamilton 924 circa 1905 (SN 403867) 17 jewel, 18s

Face is marked with "P J Harwood portage la Prairie" a jewellery store in Calgary Alberta. Again circa 1905

I initially thought the case was brass, but I have now read something indicating it may be 14k electro plated. I believe from the Philadelphia watch case Co (SN 383652), the logo was trademarked in 1902. The front and back screw off. I can feel there used to be some engraving on the back but time has worn it off. Inside has the logo and serial number and some other very small numbers that could be service dates. Glass seems in very good condition which leads me to think it may be a replacement considering the age.

All seems to match up. Over all I am very happy. I am in the UK and like how this American watch, from a Canadian jeweller ended up here.

Only thing I am curious over is the 24 hour markings on the face, I have not seen many other watches of that period with similar markings. Any idea why?

Does any of the above scream out to anyone that I've got it wrong?

Thank you for reading


Posts: 1 | Location: Wales in the United Kingdom | Registered: April 25, 2022
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Picture of Mark Cross
Nice looking Hamilton. From the position of the regulator, if you plan on using the watch, you vest get it cleaned. Nice purchase!

Regards! Mark
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Hello Rhys, the 24 hour marking system was first used
on PW dials by the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR) around
1883, in black first followed by red color. The 24 hour
system was not used in the US.
Nice watch by the way.

Posts: 535 | Location: Innisfil in Ontario, Canada | Registered: November 04, 2014
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Hi Rh: Couple of things. I have had a couple of these cases and they were brass.
RE: PJ Harwood. There were several Harwood jewellers in Quebec and Ontario during last quarter of 1800. My reference book only goes to 1900 but your PJ is probably related.
RE: Portage la Prairie: This is a town just west of Winnipeg in Province of Manitoba not Alberta. Nice watch...your hooked!!!
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Nice looking Hamilton. My experience with this trade mark is that it is brass but it may have a very thin layer of gold fill on it. It is not electroplated. Be very careful with that dial, it hand the movement have been altered. The screw above the 12 o'clock position and below the seconds chapter make me suspect that the dial is missing some or all of it's feet or the dial screws are missing or stripped out.
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