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Old Non Working Pocket Watch Thoughts "Click" to Login or Register 
Over the years I have accumulated many old non working pocket watches....from 'Barn Finds' to Junkers (mostly early 18 size in cases) hoping down the road something would be done with them. I have no impressions or expectations on these having any value and most were obtained at little cost.....I am a newbie here and never previously associated with watch collecting groups....I would be interested in what you folks typically do with this 'stuff' in terms of organizing it or your thoughts on what value these might have in the future.....or is it truly just disposable junk at this point hence time to clean house!!
Posts: 1 | Location: Ontario in Canada | Registered: April 25, 2022
IHC Member 1650
I've been repairing pocket watches for 12 years now. I find these "junkers" are a valuable source of parts for better watches. The movements can provide jewels, springs, wheels, dials, hands, screws, etc. The cases provide crowns, stems, sleeves, bezels, latch springs, and lift springs.

I don't throw anything away.

Just my opinion.

Posts: 366 | Location: Illinois in the USA | Registered: November 17, 2011
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Hi Bob: I would not throw anything away. Those of us who work on our own watches are always looking for parts. I will send you a private email as I see you also live in Ontario, John
Posts: 359 | Location: Kincardine, Ontario in Canada | Registered: November 25, 2013
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