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Help; ELGIN 16S VS 12S "Click" to Login or Register 
Can anyone tell me if I can swap out jewels from a 12S to a 16S? This is a 1912 16S 17 Jewel with one cracked jewel. It is complete but cracked. It holds the 2nd wheel and I don't have a donor 16S jewel unless I can use a balance wheel jewel. Will a 12S fit? has anybody tried this?
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I'm going to say no - you can't do that. In order to find a compatible jewel, you will need another 16s movement - even then pivot sizes vary between movements.

I suggest using elginwatchparts.com to find a compatible jewel. Find the part # based on grade, then, at the bottom of the screen with part #s, enter your part number for a cross reference. It will show which grades use the same part.
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Thanx so much for that info. I had no idea there is a elginwatchparts.com. Thanx again
Posts: 2 | Location: Texas in the USA | Registered: March 14, 2022
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Did you find your jewel you needed.
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