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Geo Oram & Son Watch 1826 (?) "Click" to Login or Register 
The dial is silver, the numbers are gilt, the dots are silver.
I suspect that this is not the original dial.
There are no dial feet on the back on the dial, although there are 3 holes that could have been for the dial in the movement plate.
Also it looks like the remains of some glue that held the dial in place.
I have not taken the watch apart yet. What are the steps, warnings? What should I expect to find? What kind of movement?
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Hi Mel. This will be (I think) a right angle lever escapement. It should be rather straight forward notwithstanding the chain mechanism which of course you have mastered Smile. First I would suggest you take lots of pictures. Every time you remove a piece take a picture of where fits back on.
Before removing anything make sure it if fully wound down.(all the chain should be on the barrell and none on the fusee,. . I would then remove balance and hairspring assembly.
Remove canon pinion fron center wheel.
If chain is still on the fussee and barrel (It will be if tension is set correctly) let the tension off with the arbour on the dial side of the watch...chain should now be loose.
Remove the two screws on the barrel bridge and remove bridge and barrell.
Remove the pins from the main plate pins and lift main plate off. You can now remove fusee and all the train.
Note: the fusee can be taken apart but if it appears to be working ok you might want to skip that part on your first one.
Take whatever clicks, springs you want off.
Clean watch as you would any other and reassemble.
Hope I didn't miss anything important but you will find it pretty much like any other watch except fusse assembly.
Good luck, anything just hollar, John
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I will be away until after Thanksgiving, and I hope I can remember how to do things (Muscle memory).
Tried to contact you directly, but your old email address is not active. You can email me if you like.
Posts: 507 | Location: West Newton, Massachusetts USA | Registered: September 10, 2006
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