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Hello Everyone,
Several year ago I posted an article I put together concerning Hamilton Model 121 Air Force Chronometers ( link below ). Several members at that time suggested I also send the same posting to *****, which I had intended to do. Well that fell thru the crack so to speak and was never done. Recently a member asked me a question about the 121's and in researching the answer I realized the article had never been forwarded
( better late than never, I guess ) I have very recently contacted *****, and they are very interested in placing the article in the bulletin.
If you read thru the original post you will notice at the bottom I requested any further information any of the other members might have.
***** has requested that I provide any additional information available to update the original article, so I'm asking if anyone might have any info not posted to please contact me.
Thanks in advance.
Fred Hougham
You can respond to this request on IHC185 [in the link below] or email me directly at strd34ford@aol.com

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