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Here's a shot of a WW2 German vehicle lock (I think)... "Click" to Login or Register 
It was mounted in the remnants of a 105mm brass shell casing. The headstamp on the bottom of shell casing is dated 1944 with small German 9mm shell bases soldered on the bottom. I have not found any external markings on the dial or casing of the clock. I have not disassembled the clock. The fellow I bought it from claimed it came out of a German halftrack. Has anyone seen one like this? It's an 8 day clock and it still runs. Thanks...Kim

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A closeup of the dial...

Posts: 28 | Location: Vandalia, Ohio U.S.A. | Registered: September 26, 2004
Another view...

Posts: 28 | Location: Vandalia, Ohio U.S.A. | Registered: September 26, 2004
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The clock looks like something which would have been found on the dashboard of a WWII vintage car or truck. Without military acceptance marks it’s hard to attribute it to a German truck. German military vehicles most often used German made 8 day clocks by Keinzel, Bauerle, Junghans and others. Those I have seen hinged outward and wound from the back with a large knob. German forces seized and used private vehicles in various parts of Europe.

This clock most likely came from a disabled or blown-up vehicle. Local people, sometimes prisoners of war, used large brass shell casings and other battle field leavings which they made into lamps, ashtrays, cigaret lighters, and various other souvenirs. These items were sold or traded for some cigarets.

Today, these things are called, “trench art”. It is uncommon to find trench art which incorporates any sort of timepiece. Thus, I think you have a rather exceptional example, given that the brass work is nice and it has a clock in it. Thank you for your post.

Best regards,
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