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IWC Kriegsmarine Observer Watch

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October 15, 2011, 11:37
Werner Rosier
IWC Kriegsmarine Observer Watch
I got this watch at a reputable auction house in Germany, delivered to Gerl & Schipper on the 7th sept. 1944, one of 400 pieces as can be read below.
IWC Cal. 67 observation watch the German Navy (Kriegsmarine)

Movement Nr. 1068201
Case Nr. 1103532
Kriegsmarine Nr. M9307/2KL

Luminous dial (zinc sulfide)
Signed, KM / International Watch Co.Schaffhausen
Small seconds at 6 o'clock

Bridge lever movement
Fine adjustment with counter-pressure spring
15 Rubies
pressed chatons
Breguet spiral

There were only 1,000 watches with ZnS dials produced and delivered, many of which are unfortunately are now on the bottom of the sea!

A lot has been written over these observer watches (Beobachtungs-Uhren) The best and most comprehensive I have read is from Jürgen King, here´s what he wrote; (Google Translation)

Military Watches of the Navy
IWC watches of Cal. 67

Observation watches with dial imprint 'KM' and writing 'International Watch Co. Schaffhausen ".
Compiled by J. King 4/24/01

There were two types of observation made ​​watches, but the differences are very clear. The first version had a steel case with a visible dial diameter of 41 mm and the reference number 135, the metal dial bore the imprint 'KM', and the IWC logo. Of these two series were made, the first series were 365 housing units with the numbers l 074 901 - 075 264 l, delivered from July 1942 to December 1942 in Cologne on Gerl and Schipper. The second series were 300 housing units with the numbers 1076201-1076500, delivered from August 1942 to December 1942. The caseback was the 'Imperial Eagle' stamped, as is the quality label 'II Kl 'and the serial numbering' M 6038 'was engraved. The pedigree is still noted among housing 'met. blc. Saxonin, polie, unie 'caliber and '67-18''' H 5 'of this first version produced a total of 665 pieces.

The second version had a nickel housing with a visible dial diameter of 49 mm. The first delivery had an enamel dial with printed''KM 'and the IWC logo. Among the housing numbers 1080101 to 1081600 were 1500 pieces produced between the 13th and Jan. to 21st December 1943 at Gerl and Schipper delivered in Cologne.

Other supplies were fully equipped with luminous dials, likewise provided with 'KM' and IWC logo on the housing numbers, delivery to Gerl + Schipper in Cologne between the 7th September and 8 November 1944:
1103251 - 1103650 400 pieces
1107001 - 1107200 200 pieces
1107501 - 1107900 400 pieces
Total: 1,000

Thus a total of 2,500 units with dial diameter 49 mm were delivered, divided into 1,500 pieces with enamel dial, and 1,000 with luminous dial. In both versions in the bottom case was the 'Imperial Eagle' imprinted, and the name 'II Kl' and consecutive numbering, for example, was engraved 'M 10 215'. At all observation watches was the caliber 67-18'''H 5 is used.

Among the housing numbers of some army watches 1080101 to 1081600 show the following changes:
1) The enamel dial has been replaced by a metal dial without lettering.
2) The case back has been replaced with the stock number of the Bundeswehr-engraved 121-8633 '12 '. Who carried out this work could not be searched.

The successor to the Bundeswehr had to supply the number '6645-12-151-5866 'identified and associated with wood storage box was in plain view of the supply spool number '6645-12-124-9144'.

German - Military Watches: Description

1) observation watches in steel case with metal dial and print 'KM' and IWC - lettering. The visible dial diameter is 41 mm. Back: 'Imperial Eagle' marked 'M 60 38' serial number engraved 'II Kl ' Chronometer second class are in the ground inside the enclosure number + the Probusstempel embossed, interior floor for dust protection housing with embossed number.

Text in the album include: Ref 135, H5 67 caliber 18''', housing met. bic. Saxonin polie - unie Ouv. 41 mm

Housing Numbers:
Bis 107 4901 107 5264 = 365 14th St. Gerl + Schipper July 1942-9. December 1942
Bis 107 5265 107 5500 = 235 different St. Detailist 1943-44
Bis 107 6201 107 6500 = 300 pc Gerl + Schipper Aug. 1942-Dec. 1942
Total = 665 pieces

2) observation watches in the case of nickel (Met blc) with enamel dial and print 'KM' toilet and I -. Lettering. The visible dial diameter is 49 mm. Back: 'Imperial Eagle' marked 'M 9331' serial number engraved 'II K l'. In the ground inside the enclosure number + of Probus stamps are engraved. Interior floor dust-embossed with a case number

Text in the album: Lep. Reasons rehaut bassine anglaise pour glace sans incassable Charnier, Cal 67 -18 / 22'''H5, special tampon' Aigle anglais 'M II Cl' Fri 185, - net

Case Number:
108 0101 - 108 1600 = 1500 + St. G. Sch. 13th Jan. 1943-21. December 1943
110 3251 - 110 3650 = 400 G St., + Sch. 7, Sept. - 25 October 1944
110 7001 - 110 7200 = 200 + G St. Sch. 12th Oct. - 25.Oct. 1944
110 7501 - 110 7900 = 400 + St. G. Sch. l. Nov - 8th Nov. 1944
Total = 2500

3) observation watch in nickel case (Met bic) with full luminous dial and print 'KM' and IWC -. Lettering. The visible dial diameter is 49 mm rear 'Imperial Eagle' marked 'M 9331' engraved serial number 'II Kl ' . Inside the bottom of the case number + Probusstempel are embossed, interior floor for dust protection housing with embossed number.

Text in the album include: Kal 67-18/22''', special tampon' Aigle anglais 'M II Cl' Fri 185, - net

4) observation watch in nickel case (Met bic) with enamel dial and IWC -. Signature. The visible dial diameter is 49 mm Rear: stock number '12 - 121-8633 'remnants of the army' were KM 'observation watches with Nickel housing taken by the army and equipped with dials without KM. Also engraved on the (imperial eagle, M number, and the label class II) was cut out and the stock number (12-121 -8633) replaced. How many pieces have been rebuilt may not yet be tracked, estimated, rather a small number.

5) Beobachtungsuhr steel case with metal dial and IWC - lettering. Eigentumsnummeierung back of the Bundeswehr (stock number) '6645-12-151-5866 'IWC - Reference 5301 Caliber 9720 with Incabloc - shock absorber 17 stones 18 000 vibrations per hour. Special wooden box with stock number 6645 -12-124-9144 stamped on the back. Last delivery in 1987 total an additional 47 units + 7 pieces.
Original here...

And here the watch, both the outer caseback and inner dustcover have the same numbers, as some apparantly were mixed up during sevice...enjoy.

Best Regards

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October 15, 2011, 11:43
Ethan Lipsig
How did you manage to insert more than one photo in one message? I would love to be able to do that.
October 15, 2011, 11:55
Tom Brunton
what a beauty of a WW2 watch Werner, Eek
October 15, 2011, 12:17
Michael Payant
Yes Werner that is a beutiful piece!
I also would like to know how to attach more that one photo in a single post. Care to share with the rest of the class?
October 15, 2011, 13:08
Werner Rosier
First get a free account with an online picture hoster, then follow the guide below.
I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you have thousands of pictures as I have, in the event of your harddrive going to harddrive-heaven, your pictures are all safe on a virtual server!
The account can be config´d for private or/and open for all!

How to use photobucket;

and seeing is believing;
how to use photobucket

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October 16, 2011, 12:26
Ethan Lipsig
Werner, thanks for the information. I am sure I can work my way through it, but perhaps you wouldn't mind helping me cut to the chase. I gather that I would create a special album in Photobucket just containing the photos I want to insert in my posting, and then insert the album instead of an individual photo. Two questions: How would I insert the album (I tried and didn't see how)? Does the individual photo size limit apply to each photo in the album or does it apply to all photos in the aggregate?
October 16, 2011, 12:50
Werner Rosier
Ethan, Have a look at my account, album
You start with one album, to save yourself a lot of searching, I suggest you use/create one sub-album per object, never mind how many pictures, whether 1 or 100.
See all the sub albums on the right, click on one of your choice, the sub album opens, then you will see all the photos I´ve uploaded to the subalbum, hover over a picture, there you will see the links that already have been provided. Click on IMG code text in the window, you have now copied the picture, you can now paste the code into the dialog you have(i.e. an answer to this message) press the right mouse button and enter...You can do that to as many pictures as you would like to post in your message, simple as that
Another bit of advice, resize your photos on you hard drive to 800x600. it makes uploading much, much faster!

Best Regards

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October 16, 2011, 15:13
Ethan Lipsig
Thanks. Let me see if I understand by posting multiple photos of a very unmilitary platinum and gold CH Meylan.

October 16, 2011, 15:32
Ethan Lipsig
It worked! We should ask Lindell to post permanent instructions on how to do this. My instructions would be this:

How to Insert Multiple Photos in One Posting

It is very easy to post more than one photo in a message, but you must use Photobucket or a similar free photo-sharing Internet service. Here is how to post multiple photos using Photobucket.

1. Sign up for Photobucket.
2. Copy the photos you want to post to your desktop and resize them for posting to e.g., 800-3. Save those photos to a Photobucket sub-album. Make sure you've used a sub-album.
4. On the IHC 185 website, write your IHC posting in the normal way, but when you are ready to insert photos, don't click on "'CLICK' TO ADD IMAGE OR ATTACHMENT."
5. Instead, go to your Photobucket sub-album and open it.
6. Hover over the first photo you want to post. A dropdown menu will appear.
7. Left click on the IMG code on the menu. That copies it.
8. Paste that code into your draft message where you want the photo to appear.
9. To add additional photos, just repeat steps 6-8.
10. When you are done, click on "Post Now."

Werner, if you can improve on these instructions, please feel free to edit them.
October 16, 2011, 17:47
Werner Rosier
Why should I, you´re the man of the moment Big Grin

well done!

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October 17, 2011, 01:12
Ethan Lipsig
It appears that there is a very serious disadvantage to using Photobucket to post pictures: the Pictures will disappear from our message board if Photobucket ceases to exist, if the user deletes the posted pictures from Photobucket, or perhaps under other circumstances. To verify that this problem is a real one, I deleted the test photos I had posted. As you can see if you scroll up, they are gone from the message board. Although Photobucket works, its lack of permanence dictates against using it.
October 17, 2011, 15:33
Werner Rosier
...for everyone their own. Smile

...Back to IWC Cal. 67
Adrian v. d. Meijden, a distinguished author of several Military articles, and a man I respect and admire , has once again had an article published in the March 2011 issue of the British Horological Journal. If you are subscribed to the Journal, maybe you have read the article, if not, here for all to read.
One of the best compilations of information for the IWC Cal. 67 on the internet!


My WWW collection is now complete, time to look for new ventures!